Cremation Packages

We guarantee affordable and personalized options, Simplistic package starting from $1,295. 

Options are not limited to the packages below.

Package Includes Cremation Package    
Basic services of funeral director & staff yes    
Transfer of deceased yes    
Basic cremation container yes    
Cremation fee yes    
Death Certificates (up to 6 – $20 fee thereafter) yes    
Temporary urn (personalized urns available starting at $395) yes    
Optional Service- Witness Cremation $500    
Optional Service- Embalming of Body $500    
Optional Service- Estate Settlement Kit (helps with government forms and unlimited certificates) $395    

We understand the value of simple and cost effective cremation services. This is why our Simplistic Cremation Package offers the convenience and affordability in three steps.

Step 1: Contact Us
Call the Calgary Cremation team to confirm the price based on any additional services that may be required. This is only if any enhanced services are required such as changing the cremation casket, changing the urn, or any additional services. Calgary Cremation can also offer memorial services using the local funeral home, if these services are requested.

Step 2: Arrangements
Set up a time to meet with the funeral director to go over all paperwork and authorizations for cremation. During this process a verification of the final selections and services will be confirmed. There is a requirement to confirm the identity of your loved one either at this time, or arrangements can be made for the family to say their good byes one last time.

Step 3: Pickup The Urn
After the cremation process (3-7days) and the estate settlement kit (if chosen) have been completed, the final step is to arrange a pickup of the urn.

Calgary Cremation value is a simple, convenient and affordable option during a time of need. The services offered can be enhanced based on the requirements needed and our experienced team is available to answer any questions you may have.